Pause and Pray
As we start let’s take a moment to pause, to be still, to re-centre our scattered thoughts onto God.

Lord, I recognise a restlessness within me which calls me onwards, and upwards, and inwards to Yourself. Today I set my heart upon that journey, my hopes upon heaven and my eyes gazing upon your holiness.

God has given us a reason to live and so we REJOICE

For Your Purpose
The SIXTH sign John recounts pointing us to a belief in Jesus as the promised Messiah, the Son of Man, God.

JOHN 9:1-46


Am I just a link in a cosmic chain reaction?

With Ps James
What systems of thought or world views do I have that cause me to be spiritually blind to what God is doing?

I pause to talk with God about this now and listen for what God might want to say to me.

How will I respond to what he is saying?

We respond in ADORATION to God's grace which is able to break through every situation.

Amazing Grace
We continue to worship as we share the Lord's supper together

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We live in a world that believes in causality. The law of cause and effect. It is a belief that every single thing that happens within our world, has a cause, an original starting point. Some people might call it karma. You get what you deserve.  What goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow. We have so many ways of describing it. But all have the same idea that actions have consequences. So are you just another link in a chain reaction of cosmic inevitability with no genuine agency or autonomy?