As we start let’s take a moment to pause, to be still, to re-centre our scattered thoughts onto God.

Holding any particular sadness before You now, I simply sigh, casting the cares of this day upon You Lord (Psa. 55:22). And now, breathing in slowly, I consciously receive ‘the peace of God, which transcends all understanding’ (Phil. 4:7). 

I sing, I dance, I REJOICE in the freedom I have in you Lord

Dance in Freedom
As disciple of Jesus we are called to fellowship with others, even if that is hard work.

MARK 9:30-50


Some people are hard to get on with!

with Ps James
What are my selfish ambitions, my insecurities and secret sins that are hindering my walk with other Christians?

I pause to talk with God about this now and listen for what God might want to say to me.

How will I respond to what he is saying?

Together we, a fellowship of believers, lift our voices in ADORATION

This is Your Church
We continue to worship as we share the Lord's supper together


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Let's face it, some people are hard to get on with! But that doesn't mean we should ignore them, reject them or cancel them. Jesus was followed by a group of people who had selfish ambitions, were racked with insecurities, and continued to sin. Join Ps James as he explores how Jesus brought them together into a 'fellowship of believers'.