Pause and Pray
As we begin, let’s take a moment to pause, to be still, to re-centre our scattered thoughts onto God.

I slow my breathing and give up my worries to you God. I open my hands to pray ...

Come Holy Spirit to my mind, I receive Your comfort.

Come Holy Spirit to my heart, I receive Your peace.

Come Holy Spirit to my soul, I receive the Father's love for me.

We REJOICE at all that God has done for us

We raise our hands to the sky in praise of His name
Today we read the THIRD MIRACULOUS SIGN John records pointing us towards faith in who Jesus is.

JOHN 5:1-15


What do you really want?

With Ps James
Is Jesus the one I turn to when I sin or when I am in need?

What are the pools that I am sitting by, or what places am I looking to for my healing, when the One who makes me whole is right in front of me?

I pause to talk with God about this now and listen for what God might want to say to me.

How will I respond to what he is saying?

We respond to God's grace with ADORATION

We sing a thousand hallelujahs
We continue to worship in ADORATION as we share the Lord's supper together

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